Epstein's New Song Set To Hit The Ground Running!

With nearly two thousand streams, on Deezer alone, over the past two weeks, of his rock 'n roll song 'Shake It Shake It', Gordon Epstein's new song 'Everybody's Rockin' is expected to take off like a freight train on a mystery railroad at Johnson Space Center in Houston. When asked how the song came about Epstein had this to say: 'I often have ideas for songs popping in my head while I'm sleeping, or when I'm waking up. For this one, it was the basic rhythm and the basic tune of the verses, that just subconsciously revealed itself. It happens often. Especially when I'm more relaxed, or taking a break, then a song reveals itself to me. It's like saying to me: 'Here man. You're actually a songwriter. That's what you're here for. So, here man. Here's a song. There's more where this one came from.'' Everybody's Rockin' has just been released today, and it's at your favorite download store, or streaming site. 

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