Wild and Marr! Gordon Epstein Wins Classic Vintage Microphone!

The man who's bringing rock 'n roll back recently won! A friend of Gordon Epstein saw a competition advertised, for performers to send a video clip of themselves doing Elvis. Epstein received a Whatsapp from his friend, with a link to the competition, where his friend wrote 'Go for it. You will win hands down'. Epstein said 'I didn't really think I would win. Although I thought I did have a chance.' A month or two later, Wild and Marr, the company who organized the competition contacted him to say he had won. Epstein, who is not only an Elvis impersonator, but now writes, records, and performs his own songs, was really pleasantly surprised. To watch the winning video, simply click this link, and then click on the video. Winners Of The Sure Elvis Presley Impersonation Competition

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